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I am Professor of Philosophy and Director of the COGITO Epistemology Research Centre at the University of Glasgow.

My research is mainly in epistemology, philosophy of language, and moral & political philosophy. I am the author of 'Resistance to Evidence' (Cambridge University Press 2024), 'Shifty Speech and Independent Thought;' (Oxford University Press 2021), and 'Sharing Knowledge' (Cambridge University Press, 2021, with C. Kelp). I am currently working on the Cambridge Element on 'Knowledge-First Epistemology' and a new monograph entitled 'Conceptual Engineering: The Epistemology, Ethics, and Politics of Meaning Production' (for Oxford University Press). 


I am the 2018 Mind Fellow and the winner of the Young Epistemologist Prize 2021.

I am Principal Investigator on a major 5-year research project - KnowledgeLab: Knowledge-First Social Epistemology - funded by a 1.5 million Euro grant from the European Research Council (2021-2026). I am also Co-Investigator on the Leverhulme Trust-funded 'Virtue Epistemology of Trust' project (GBP 254,871; 2020-2023) and Principal Investigator on the 'Dimensions of Wellbeing' industry-funded project (GBP 680,031; 2021-2026). Before this I held the Mind Association Fellowship for my 'Epistemic Norms and Epistemic Functions' project. 


I am Associate Editor at Philosophical Studies​, Managing Editor at Ergo, and I sit on the Editorial Board of the Philosophical Quarterly. I also sit on the Executive Committee of the Initiative for Science in Europe, the Executive Committee of the Aristotelian Society, the Advisory Council of the Institute of Philosophy, the Management Committee of the British Society for Theory of Knowledge, and the  Steering Committee of the Social Epistemology Network. I am an elected fellow and Board Member of the Young Academy of Europe, and elected fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland.

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