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AoS: Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Moral & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender and Race, Philosophical Methodology, Philosophy of AI. 
AoC: Philosophy of Social Science, Social Ontology, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Information, Media and Communication Theory.


  • Under Contract. Knowledge-First Epistemology: A Defence. Cambridge Elements Series, Cambridge University Press. 

                See here for John Greco's review of Sharing Knowledge for Phil Review

                See here for Tammo Lossau's review of Sharing Knowledge for the Australasian Journal of Philosophy


                 See here for Dorit Ganson's review of Shifty Speech and Independent Thought for Phil Review                

                 See here for an interview with me about Shifty Speech by Carrie Figdor for the New Books in Philosophy podcast                               See here for Philosopher Meets Critics session at Concept Cologne (with P. J. Graham, R. McKenna, and N. Venturinha)




  • Forthcoming. Politically Motivated Reasoning, Disinformation, and Knowledge Resistance. European Review. Special Issue Academia Europaea Conference 2023.

                 Winner of the Young Epistemologist Prize 2021, in the news here and here.​​​

                 See this MPhi blogpost by Richard Pettigrew for a formal approach to my theory of evidence resistance

  • 2023. Trust, Trustworthiness, and Obligation (with Chris Willard-Kyle). Philosophical Psychology Special Issue 'Trustworthiness: Iindividual and Institutional Dimensions, eds. E. Lalumera and F. Ferrari. Online First.

  • 2023. Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (with Chris Kelp). Asian Journal of Philosophy, central piece in an invited article symposium, ed. N. Pedersen, critics: J Adam Carter, Fei Song, Shane Ryan.Online First.

                 Top 10 most downloaded papers in Nous for 4 years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

  • 2020. Editorial (with Robert Cowan). Ethical Theory and Moral Practice Special Issue 'Ethics, Knowledge, and Language' Vol 23/1: 1-3.

  • 2016. Norms of Belief (with Chris Kelp and Harmen Ghijsen). Philosophical Issues, eds. Chris Kelp and Jack Lyons, vol. 26(1): 375-392.



  • Forthcoming. Knowledge Comes First. Contemporary  Debates in Epistemology, Volume 3 (eds. Blake Roeber, Matthias Steup, John Turri and Ernest Sosa), Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Forthcoming. Knowledge Still Comes First. Contemporary  Debates in Epistemology, Volume 3 (eds. Blake Roeber, Matthias Steup, John Turri and Ernest Sosa), Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Forthcoming. Defeat. Blackwell Companion to Epistemology, eds. Kurt Sylvan, Matthias Steup, Ernie Sosa, Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Forthcoming. Epistemology. The Cambridge Handbook of Analytic Philosophy (ed. Marcus Rossberg).

  • Forthcoming. Epistemic Oughts of Attention. Knowledge and Rationality: Essays in Honor of Stewart Cohen (eds. Matt McGrath and Juan Comesana). Routledge.

  • Forthcoming. Engineering EvidenceNew Perspectives on Conceptual Engineering (eds. Manuel G. Isaac and Kevin Scharp), Springer.

  • Forthcoming. A Social Epistemology of Assertion (with C. Kelp). Oxford Handbook of Social Epistemology (eds. Jennifer Lackey  and Aidan McGlynn. Oxford University Press.

  • Forthcoming. What Is Information? (with Chris Kelp). Mis/Disinformation and Other Epistemic Pathologies (ed. Mihaela Popa-Wyatt), Cambridge University Press.

  • Forthcoming. Evidence: The Having Relation. Evidentialism at 40: New Arguments, New Angles.(eds. Kevin McCain, Scot Stappleford, Matthias Steup). Routledge.

  • Forthcoming. Naturalised Epistemic Oughts. Kornblith and His Critics (eds. Josh DiPaolo, J. and Luis RG Oliveira). Wiley Blackwell.

  • Forthcoming. Conceptual EngineeringCarnap Handbuch, ed. Christian Damböck and Georg Schiemer, Metzler Verlag.

  • Forthcoming. Knowledge and Disagreement (with F. Broncano-Berrocal). Routledge Handbook of Disagreement, (eds. Maria Baghramian, J. Adam Carder, and Richard Rowland eds.), Routledge.

  • Forthcoming. Distrust in Scientific Expertise. The Epistemology of Experts (eds. Thomas Grundmann, Anna-Maria Eder and Peter Brössel). Routledge.  

  • 2021. Assertion Compatibilism. In Skeptical Invariantism Reconsidered, C. Kyriakou, C. and Wallbridge, K. (eds.), Routledge. 

  • 2021. Introduction (with J. Brown). Reasons, Justification, and Defeat. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


  • 2023. Tanesini on Truth and Epistemic Vice. Contribution to Book Symposium on Alessandra Tanesini's 'The Mismeasure of the Self: A Study in Vice Epistemology', Inquiry. Online First.

  • 2002. Review of Jennifer Lackey, The Epistemology of Groups, Oxford University Press 2021. Philosophical Review, 131 (4): 537–541.

  • 2002. Sosa on Permissible Suspension. Contribution to Book Symposium on Ernest Sosa's 'Epistemic Explanations: A Theory of Telic Normativity', Res Philosophica, 99 (4):453-466.


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