Monograph developing an integrated, knowledge-based account of the normativity of constative speech, in conjunction with classical invariantism about knowledge attributions.


Monograph investigating the relation between knowledge sharing and assertion, and developing a functionalist account of what it is to assert well. 


The first volume to explore the topic of defeat in all its facets. Brings together work in epistemology, ethics, and practical reasoning.


AoS: Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Social & Political Philosophy
AoC: Social Ontology, Philosophical Methodology, Philosophy of Biology, Media and Communication Theory



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  • Resistance to Evidence. (Under Contract with Cambridge University Press).


Articles Under Review​

  • Expressive Power and the Ethics of Meaning Production

  • She's a She: Sexual Justice Through Linguistic Innovation for Gender Terms (with C. Kelp)

  • What Is Normative Defeat? (with C.  Kelp)


In preparation

  • Knowledge First Social Epistemology (Book Manuscript)

  • Proper Suspension 

  • Speech Acts in Context. Volume co-edited with Herman Cappelen.

  • Epistemic Encroachment (with Bob Beddor)

  • Group Belief and Responsibility Transmission (with C. Kelp and G. Pettigrove)

  • Basing as Following Indicators

  • A Priori Testimonial Entitlement, Knowledge First

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