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  • 2024. White Paper: 'Defining Well-Being' In response to Scottish Government's Consultation for the Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Bill (with Adam Carter, Emma Gordon, and Chris Kelp). 

  • 2023. 'Knowledge & Society' Public Outreach Event: Philosophy talks and art exhibition on issues in social epistemology (with Elizabeth Gray (Glasgow School of Art) and Pinelopi Stylianopoulou (Glasgow Philosophy)). Featuring talks by Paul Faulkner, Giada Fratantonio, John Greco, Matt McGrath, Mona Simion, and David Sosa and artworks by Alan Brash, Jennifer Clason, David Frondigoun, Martin J Godfrey, George Irons, Laura Hepner, Jacqui Kiel, Karen McAdie, Morag McDonach, Douglas William McKnight, Evelyn Mullen, Mona Simion, Pinelopi Stylianopoulou, Jennifer Taylor, and Judith Wynne.

  • 2022. Documentary film: ‘Scotland, African Voices: The Covid19 Vaccine Debate’ (with Josephine Adekola, PI).




The documentary aims to address health inequalities and save lives by encouraging vaccine take-up in the Scottish African, Caribbean and Black community, and by highlighting social-epistemological obstacles amongst barriers to vaccination for these communities. Full documentary available here: Trailer available here:  

Partners: Sarah Gilbert and the Vaccine Knowledge Group (University of Oxford), Emma Thompson (the MRC Centre for Virus Research), Deji Bolarinwa (University of Ilorin, Nigeria) Duncan Pritchard (University of California Irvine), Ilan Kelman (University College London, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction), Jason Leitch (National Clinical Director, the Scottish Government), Claire Cameron (Public Health Scotland), Pastor Yinka and Adefolake Adesina (Fountain of Living Water, RCCG, Ayr), pRESPECT Hub Edinburgh, Sharpen Her: the African Women's Network (SHAWM), Glasgow Black and Scot, Aberdeen Jezreel Consultancy.

  • 2022. White Paper: ‘Trust, Disinformation, and Evidence Resistance.’ In response to the UK Parliament Call for Evidence: ‘Fighting Disinformation with Trustworthy Voices’ (with Chris Kelp). Published on the UK Parliament website here: 

  • 2022. Ways of Seeing. ArCadia Festival of Ideas, University of Glasgow (with Giovanna Vitelli, Head of Collections, Hunterian Museum).

  • 2022. Panel member: ‘Covid19 Vaccine Hesitancy in African, Black, and Caribbean Communities in Scotland.  Community/Public Health Scotland/ Scottish Government/Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow public event. Recording available here:

  • 2022. Interview: ‘Vaccine Hesitancy and Evidence Resistance’. Public Debate Project, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.

  • 2019-2022. Project Lead: ‘Changing Design, Policy, and Practice in the Wellness Resorts Industry through Philosophy of Functions’ Impact Case, University of Glasgow and Therme Group Austria (externally evaluated at REF 3*-4*, portable)

    •  Featured in the 'Scottish Business News' here.

  • 2021. Panellist, ‘Climate Justice, Risk, and Wellbeing’ public debate, COP26 UK Universities Innovation Showcase, Glasgow, UK.

  • 2021. ‘Knowledge, Justification, and the Lost Anxiety over Regress’. Commentary on ‘What is Knowledge’ debate between Martha Kneale and Allen Phillips Griffiths for the Open University Video Archive Exhibition

  • 2019. Organiser: ‘Forgiveness and Blame’ Public Roundtable, Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow and Royal Society of Edinburgh.

  • 2019 ‘Evidence and Knowledge’ public talk at the Glasgow – NASA Workshop on Safety Engineering. 

  • 2018. Co-Coordinator: Philosophy Café, Coatbridge Library, Glasgow (with Daniella Meehan).

  • 2018. Organiser: Public Conference on ‘Dimensions of Wellbeing,’ University of Glasgow.

  • 2018. Organiser: Cardiff Philosophy Festival: Ethics and Technology, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff (with Orestis Palermos).

  • 2017. 'The Value of Knowledge'; public lecture at the Philosophy Cafe, Cardiff.

  • 2017. ‘Testimonial Contractarianism’ Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture, Cardiff.

  • 2017. ‘What is God?.’ Roundtable discussion at the ‘Question Everything’ philosophy meet up, The Philharmonic, Cardiff (moderator, with Orestis Palermos)

  • 2017. Organiser: Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Seminar Series (with Orestis Palermos).

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