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                             Featured in the 'Scottish Business News' here.

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                             Featured in 'The Herald' here.

  • Interviewed by Carrie Figdor about 'Shifty Speech and Independent Thought' for New Books in Philosophy here.

  • UoG ‘Thoughts’ Podcast: ‘Victim Testimony.’

  • #YouShouldBelieveHer.’ Invited entry for Alessandra Tanesini’s ‘Open for Debate’ Public Philosophy Blog. 

  • Interviewed by Robin Bisson for Research Professional News here.  

  • Organiser: ‘Forgiveness and Blame’ Public Roundtable, Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow and Royal Society of Edinburgh.

  • ‘Evidence and Knowledge’ public talk at the Glasgow – NASA Workshop on Safety Engineering.

  • Co-Coordinator: Philosophy Café, Coatbridge Library, Glasgow (with Daniella Meehan).

  • Organiser: Public Conference on ‘Dimensions of Wellbeing,’ University of Glasgow.

  • Organiser: Cardiff Philosophy Festival: Ethics and Technology, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff (with Orestis Palermos).

  • 'The Value of Knowledge'; public lecture at the Philosophy Cafe, Cardiff.

  • Webmaster (Royal Institute of Philosophy, Cardiff Branch)

  • ‘What is God?.’ Roundtable discussion at the ‘Question Everything’ philosophy meet up, The Philharmonic, Cardiff (moderator, with Orestis Palermos).

  • Organiser: Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Seminar Series. (with Orestis Palermos)