Knowledge-First Social Epistemology

2021 - 2026
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding: ERC Starting Grant

(EUR 1.5 million)
Details here.
Knowledge first epistemology takes knowledge as central to epistemological affairs and ventures to analyse other epistemic standings in terms of knowledge. This project develops a knowledge-first framework for social epistemological issues, and novel, knowledge-first accounts of the epistemology of testimony, disagreement, groups and the media.

Dimensions of Wellbeing


Role: Principal Investigator (with Chris Kelp)
Funding: Research and Impact Industry Grant, Therme Group and the University of `Glasgow (GBP 680,031)
Details here and here. ​
Develops an integrated, proper functionalist account of the nature of wellbeing along several dimensions – i.e. cognitive, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. 

Role: Co-Investigator (with J. Adam Carter (PI) and Chris Kelp (Co-I))
Funding: Leverhulme Research Grant

(GBP 254,871)
Details here.
This project does two main things: (1) it offers a novel, virtue-theoretic method for theorising about what it takes to trust well, and (2) it develops a virtue-theoretic account of trustworthiness.

Epistemic Norms

and Epistemic Functions


Role: Principal Investigator.

Mind Research Fellowship (GBP 23,000); Postdoctoral Fellowship, ConceptLab and the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo (EUR 140,000);

JuMo Mobility Funding, KU Leuven (EUR 14,500)
Develops a knowledge-first functionalist account of epistemic normativity of belief, assertion, and reasoning.

Assertion in Context

2013 -  2016
Role: Principal Investigator.
 St Andrews & KU Leuven 
Defends Classical Invariantism in conjunction with the Knowledge Norm of Assertion. Puts forth a functionalist account of assertion.